Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Published in A5 magazine #35 February issue.

You don't have to look into details to be inspired by Cuba! Colorful houses, the way women are dressed, their music, Cubans cigars...

2017. oil on canvas, 73x60cm

Colors of facade

When someone says Cuba, my mind automatically goes to these colorful houses in Havana. I didn't want to overload my painting with buildings so I took blue, red and yellow and put it in a background. I thought of all this photo of Cuban women with a cigar and how we can see a facade behind them - we can only see a color.

The explanation is focused on this specific peace, but to understand where the whole idea come from, why I did this collection, please read my artist statement on my collection ‘BEAUTY OF US’ which this painting is a part of:

#cuba #beautyofus #petkovicart

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