The imagery is inspired by the Buddhist temple Borobudur in Indonesia and the inspiration for the painting itself is meditation and the act of getting centered and being conscious.

2020. oil on canvas with golden leaf, 81x65cm
2020. oil on canvas with golden leaf, 81x65cm

The painting that I chose for this theme is inspired by meditation, being conscious and nourishing our true self. In the painting we see Buddha in the meditation pose; the bell shape surrounding him, the lotus petals on which he is seated and the trees and animals surrounding him in the background are inspired by my visit of the Borobudur temple in Indonesia. The plants and animals are inspired by the ones found on the reliefs of the temple; Buddha inside the bell is inspired by the sculptures found on the top of the temple: some of these sculptures represent a bell laying on lotus petals with Buddha hidden inside the bell, and in others the bell top is cut and Buddha is clearly visible.

I painted Buddha meditating in the nature but I chose to represent him as a statue to show reality as a structure, a form that every individual understands it in his own way. In the middle of Buddha’s chest there is a golden seed from which grows a red and gold flower. The seed represents the soul, something that is put within all of us as we enter this world, which brings life to the form. How much of our true self is going to shine forward and how much we are going to nurture our true self depends on us; which reflects on how much the “flower” will grow. Being centered and conscious is what will make our soul shine, our flower grow, and I found meditation to be one of the most powerful tools for staying self-conscious.

For the end a few pictures of parts of Borobudur temple that I used for my painting:

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