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I knew I had to visit cenotes when I was in Mexico. It was one of the first suggestions of my friends that I had...

2018. oil on canvas, 81x65cm


Cenotes - a natural sinkhole 

It is so funny to me that a sinkhole is a popular touristic destination, but never the less, it absolutely is. In the region of Yucatan where it's exotically worm, I saw cenotes like a little oasis underground. This fresh water lakes are home of turtles, iguanas and many butterflies looking for colder water and shadow. It is interesting how when you are around cenote its worm and on the ground, there is no grass, everything is drying under a sun. But then you see an enormous bush of plants and just when you get to it you see a hole. What I didn't expect is that the water would be so clear and of such a beautiful color so that made me make this painting.

Why dragon fruit? Well I was thinking of cenote as a hole filed with all this little thing and then going through my photos that I made of Cenote, I saw a picture of a dragon fruit that was so interesting to me and reminded me of the shape of Cenote… so it end up as a central peace.

Blue in a background shows the color of a water in cenote and the plants surrounding dragon fruit are like the ones growing around the age of cenote.

And for the end a few photos that inspired me...

The explanation is focused on this specific peace, but to understand where the whole idea come from, why I did this collection, please read my artist statement on my collection ‘BEAUTY OF US’ which this painting is a part of:

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