Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Plants, birds, butterflies, coatis and earth trembling waters - IGUAZU, the most beautiful border between two countries.

2018. oil on canvas, 81x65cm

Nature first

In Iguazu the nature surrounds you and this is why for this portrait instead to dress the woman in traditional close, I painted waterfall on her body and decorated some parts with patterns inspired by butterfly wings.

The toallest waterfall - Devils throat  

Going to Iguazu I knew to expect a beautiful nature, it looked like paradise especially for me who loves waterfalls. It was so magical, the scenery, the sounds of water, so blissful, until we came to the top of Devils throat. The power of water trembles the earth under me, the sound of it so loud that it felt like it was echoing inside my stomach. There I felt small and fragile in front of this force of nature that cannot be stopped by anything. And it didn't make me feel bad but opposite, I felt involved in this moment and I stayed in now, hypnotized by the movement and fall of the water down in the abyss, it seemed, because I could not see the bottom of it from the splash of water going up into the air. I could have stayed there forever admiring the power that I never seen before.

And for the end a few photos that inspired me...

The explanation is focused on this specific peace, but to understand where the whole idea come from, why I did this collection, please read my artist statement on my collection ‘BEAUTY OF US’ which this painting is a part of:

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