Updated: Apr 5, 2020

In my first painting about Indonesia, I wanted to put two elements that have made a strong impression on me: the rice fields and the Legong Balinese dance. 

2018. oil on canvas, 92x73cm

Dancing with the eyes, eyebrows and fingers

I have seen many traditional dances and they are all interesting, unique, beautiful but Legong was breathtaking. Each movement of the dancers, up to the way the move their little fingers, is a wonder of grace and precision. Moving their head left to right, their eyebrows, their eyeballs, with an extraordinary coordination, the Legong dancers can even dance with their face in addition to their body. In their dance they impersonate vividly a full range of colorful characters and animals, such as lions, colibris, soldiers and kings.

Painting by Nature

I love how, in the Bali countryside, we can admire from the distance rice fields spreading their patchwork of greens over the rolling landscape, and it was truly much more amazing than in all the pictures I saw before. What I found interesting are the colors on the surface of the water bathing the rice crops. In my mind it directly connected to the costumes of the Legong dancers. That is why behind this Legong dancer I decided to put a patchwork of rice fields seen from above. I colored them with all the different colors of rice fields that I've seen and documented on my trip.

The explanation is focused on this specific painting, but to understand where the whole idea comes from, why I did this collection, please read my artist statement on my collection ‘BEAUTY OF US’, by clicking the link:

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