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Painting has a girl dressed in traditional marriage closes. Surrounding her are the letters that you could see all around Himalayas, written on the stones on side of the road. Letters here should be read from left bottom corner, circularly to the right. Its Om mani padme hum - one of the most known mantras. The lotus flowers are all around the painting mixing with the portrait and background surrounded by few lotus leaves.

If you are interested in this painting, I feel it's important to know a bit more about the mantra in general. Here I will explain swiftly the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, but for dipper meaning you should look it up.

2018. oil on canvas, 92x73cm

There's a good reason why the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra is at the heart of many Buddhist traditions. It is because every one of the Buddha's teachings is believed to reside within this one powerful mantra. It is repeated over and over again to invoke the loving and unconditional qualities of compassion. 

Word to word

Om is a sound used in meditation, the primordial sound of all creation. It is a sound that bring us back to source, to our self, a sacred syllable that you can find in lots of Indian religions.

Mani the ma syllable in mani is associated with dissolving jealousy and the attachment to fleeting pleasures. The ni syllable in particular is believed to dissolve our attachments to desire and passion while cultivating our ability to be patient with ourselves and others. The entire word, mani, means "jewel."

Padme means "lotus flower". The lotus flower is the sacred flower of Buddha and represents wisdom.

Hum indicates that which cannot be disturbed by anything. It is unshakeable and unmoveable, representing enlightenment.

The explanation is focused on this specific peace, but to understand where the whole idea come from, why I did this collection, please read my artist statement on my collection ‘BEAUTY OF US’ which this painting is a part of:





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