Updated: Apr 5, 2020

2019, oil on canvas, 92x73cm

The divine consciousness

The central figure is a woman wearing on its face the sign of urna / third eye chakra / the divine consciousness. The background is inspired by paintings of Gods in Himalayas; they are always on a platform above the ground and under the heavens (or the sky - I use heavens because in the Tao Te Ching, the world is usually described as heaven and earth). I integrated this background into my painting because I think that it's very important to be aware of our spiritual or heavenly world as well as our material or earthly world. Only then can we really be aware and able to tap into the divine consciousness within us. The crown on her head and the hair bun have been inspired by the roofs of temples in Himalayas. The facade is usually oranted with a painting of the eyes of Buddha just under the roof or cupola, with a circular or round symbol a bit above the space between the eyes. This sign is URNAKOSA. It has been a journey making this painting.

The explanation is focused on this specific painting, but to understand where the whole idea comes from, why I did this collection, please read my artist statement on my collection ‘BEAUTY OF US’, by clicking the link:

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