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Welcome to my website, I am a visual artist based in Paris, France, specializing in portraiture & figurative art.

In my work I search for beauty and magic in the ordinary & ever so challenging life. I focus on the human condition, spirituality, nature, or simply the experience of life. 

If you are looking to buy my work, have a suggestion or just want to say "hi", contact me via my email down below or go to the contact menu. I would love to hear from you, enjoy!



Planète Périphérique/ a street art festival 

Five floors building painted by over 80 artists, free entrance, free events...

You wouldn't want to miss this!

Let me invite you to a street art festival organised by my art collective "Le Pyth".


The festival Planete Peripherique will take place at 19 rue Henri Duvernois, 75020 Paris, metro stop Porte de Bagnolet. It will be open from 13th of April until 7th of May; every Thursday to Friday 15h -19h and Saturday to Sunday 12h-19h.


Besides the exhibition, we will organize two block parties: the first one will be the 15th of April with a concert and live painting outside, starting at 19h after exhibition is closed, and the second one will be the 7th of May, before the closure of the festival and the demolition of this building and all the artworks that give it a new purpose.


Hope to see you there and share with you my work and this amazing project I am a part of.


For more information follow @le_pyth on instagram by clicking the button below.


Si vous habitez en France, vous pouvez louer mes toiles (location à partir de 25 euros par mois). A tout moment vous pouvez décider d'acheter le tableau, le montant payé en location sera déduit du prix d'achat. Si le montant payé en location atteint le prix du tableau, il est à vous !

Pour plus d'informations, visitez le lien ci-dessous.

If you live in France, you can rent my paintings (prices starting from 25 euros per month). At any time you can decide to buy the painting, the amount paid for rental will be deducted from the purchase price. If the amount paid for rental reaches the price of the painting, it is yours!

For more information and a pricing list visit the link below



Inspired by my environment, by generosity and beauty of nature, by the magic in the ordinary that surround us. 


Meditation has become my daily practice that give me some unreal experiences. I have been inspired by the emotions and imagery that comes to me when I'm in that state of presence. Golden light, floating fishes, colors...  


Beauty of us is inspired by my travels, discovering new cultures, new people in new places. I have painted our differences with still focusing on the connection that we all shear. We are same people in a different environment. 


See all the newest paintings, step by step videos, get informed about future exhibitions and events!

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