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The idea is not to ignore the suffering but to look deeper, to explore, to search with curiosity and to be inspired by it.  I want to inspire empowerment in challenging times and show the magic of existence.



Jelena Petkovic is an emerging artist (b. 1990, Belgrade, Serbia) currently living in Paris. Her artworks are figurative oil paintings and aquarelles mostly consisting of portraits of women, recognizable by their bright colors.


She was raised by her mother and grandfather, both architects and amateur artists, so her love of drawing, painting and art in general came at a very young age. Jelena went from art high school to art and design university where she received a bachelor of Interior Design, but it wasn’t until she moved to Paris that she started pursuing her passion for oil painting.

She spent two years creating a whole new collection of paintings (20 paintings in total) and just one month after finishing her last painting she got the opportunity to exhibit her work at the CIEM, Paris in 2019. Since then she won "Best in show" in "ALL Planet Earth'' art competition; Artist showcase at the Light Space & Time; been published in BlueBee magazine; interviewed by South Art gallery (NY) director Carly Aguilera; exhibited at SWISSARTEXPO 2021, and featured in many online exhibitions. 

Currently she is a part of AAB ( Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville) & Le Pyth art collective.

interview with south art dealer gallery 

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