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Paris-based painter Jelena Petkovic works primarily with portraits of women, recognizable by their bright colors and geometric elements. She is a member of the art collective Le Pyth ( and the association Les Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville (


She was raised by her mother and grandfather, both architects and amateur artists, so her love of drawing, painting and art in general came at a very young age. Jelena went from art high school to art and design university where she received a BA of Interior Design, but it wasn’t until she moved to Paris that she started pursuing her passion for oil painting. 


She started her artist career in 2019 when she exhibited her work for the first time in Paris, after taking two years to create 20 painting and a whole new body of work. Since then she was awarded "Best in show" in the "ALL Planet Earth'' art competition in 2020 with her portrait of a woman inspired by a tree branch. Her work has been published in BlueBee magazine and in the Marvelous Artists book n°3. She exhibited her work multiple times in Paris including an exhibition in “Vill’Up en arts” in 2021, an exhibition in the gallery “AAB” in Paris in 2022 and she participated in the art fair “Art3F Paris” with The Art Cycle gallery in 2023. Internationally she exhibited at SWISSARTEXPO in 2021 and at “ARTBOX.PROJECT Venezia” in May 2022. One of her favorite exhibitions was the group project “Dia de las Muertas” in 2022 which focused on the theme of violence against women in their own country and through the process of immigration.


In 2023 she started creating murals and was lucky to have the opportunity to participate to the street art festival “Planète Périphérique” in Paris. The festival lasted for one month in April-May and received more than 10 000 visitors. Jelena is now working with the ambition to continue with big projects, and as well to experience many new challenges and art collaborations.

interview with south art dealer gallery 

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