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Painting has always given me a sense of peace, it is a world where reality has the most vibrant color and a space for me to face my own fears and anguish. My artworks mainly consist of figurative oil paintings and aquarelles  of women that are characterized by bright and contrasted colors.

Through my art I search for beauty and magic in the ordinary, usual life and its challenges. My goal in my own life is to look beyond pain and see purpose, to understand human condition and myself. Paintings are my research papers where I look for the extraordinary in reality, seeking the ‘bright side of life’. The idea is not to ignore the suffering but to look deeper, to explore, to search with curiosity and to be inspired by it.

This inspiration is incredibly vast as I research from science to spirituality, not necessarily looking for answer but for deeper comprehension. I know myself to be sensitive, easily affected by what I observe but through my work this has become my strength, a special ability to find different views of the same thing. By my work I want to inspire empowerment in challenging times and show the magic of existence.      

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