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welcome to "my world"

Hello there and welcome to a more personal part of my website. This page is here to bring you closer to my work and talk about creatures that showup in my paintings. 

Anxiety ghost 3.jpg

Say hello to my anxiety ghost

This little guy is an anxiety ghost, a creature that is not dangerous because of his claws or big teeth but because of his mere presence. I know these creatures very well, they have become a part of me as they sit on my shoulders waiting patiently for me to give them my attention. They mostly don't have hands but I could swear that I saw one holding on to me once; and they don't have mouth, I think, but they have lines on their faces that give them a weird expressions that never changes... and they have eyes or at least that is what they look like, those red spheres that are randomly positioned. They come and wait for me to notice them and for anxiety to creep in. They don't talk or attack, they exist and that's all it takes for me to crumble. As anxiety takes over I lose myself and my own head becomes a ghost and though I have those same red eyes and see, I am blind and stuck in my head unaware of all that is around me, unaware of myself. And when they leave, which I don't even know why because they'll be back, I feel like I just woke up and all this time immersed into anxiety I was just a shadow of myself, walking through my life and wasting my time. Have you seen them, have you noticed their presence? Don't turn around, they are right behind you!

PURA TIRTA EMPUL-MINI _edited_edited.jpg

The carriers of the soul 

Have you noticeted in a few of my paintings some fishes with a golden cercle on the temple? I'm not a fan of fishes but those aren't fishes, those creatures are cariers of the soul. Once deeply lost in meditations I noticed fishes around my legs but for some reason they were intriging to me and were guiding me trough the pool I was in. After I realised there were no fishes in the pool I was meditating in and I knew I have met something, someone special. Soul carriers aren't things that carry dead souls, or ones that aren't yet alive... Soul are imortal and they move trough all and everything but if they need to apear to humans and at the time don't have a body they thake a form of the fish. They wont speak as soul don't speak, they don't show they gide with something that we can only feel and understand it as the truth. The truth it self moves and is never the same but always ultimet if you exept that time doesn't exist and that all is now and that memory can't stand for truth. I can not explain them because they are beyond my comprihansion, they are a mystery to me that has guided me to the point of seeing my own soul.


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