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figurative oil artist

born in 1990. Belgrade, Serbia

curently living in Paris, France



2009-2013 Bachelor’s in Interior Design

Faculty of Art and Design, MEGATREND University Belgrade, Serbia

2006-2009 Jewelry Design

TehnoArt Art high school

Belgrade, Serbia


2023 - GROUP EXHIBITION Portes Ouvertes, at Le Pyth art studios org. by art collective  "Le Pyth" (Paris, France) 

2023 - GROUP EXIBITION     Comète Périphérique, at la Maison Bruneau org. by Gaspard Delanoë (Paris, France) 

2023 – STREET ART FESTIVAL      Planète Périphérique, org. by Le collectif RAS and Mairie 20 (Paris, France)


2023 - ART FAIR       ART3F Paris, participated with “The Art Cycle” art gallery (Paris, France) 

2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    Día de las Muertas at Maison de l’air, org. by Magnitude Zero (Paris, France)

2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    Portes Ouvertes org. by art collective "Le Pyth" (Paris, France)  

2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    at la Maison Bruneau org. by Gaspard Delanoë and Kevin Seeds (Paris, France) 

2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    at Maison de l’air org. by "Collectif maison de l'air"  (Paris, France)


2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    Portes Ouvertes opening of artist studios around Belleville org. by "Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville"  (Paris, FRANCE)


2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    Les Nouveaux org. by "Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville" at  Gallery AAB (Paris, FRANCE)


2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    by "ARTBOX.PROJECT VENEZIA 1.0" during the Venice Biennale at the Biennale Artbox Expo at Tana Art Space (30122 Venezia)


2022 - GROUP EXIBITION    Galerie Ouverte art market org. by "Les Ateliers du Père-Lachaise Associés" at  place da la Réunion (Paris, FRANCE)


2021 - GROUP EXIBITION    Vill'Up en arts, by "Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville" association at  Vill'Up (Paris, FRANCE)

2021 - SOLO EXIBITION    at "Marvelous Art Gallery" (online)


2021 - GROUP EXIBITION Promoting Creativity As A Coping Mechanism For Disability   by Disabled Artists' Network CIC (Nottingham, UK)

2021 - GROUP EXIBITION Visions of Self    by Yosemite Sierra Artists (online)

2021 - GROUP EXIBITION   RE:INVENT New colors, at Art Gallery 118 (online)

2020 – ARTIST SHOWCASE    at TheLightSpace&Time art gallery (online)

2019 - GROUP EXHIBITION    at CIEM (Paris, France)


2020 – Best in show, “ALL Planet Earth” art competition

2020 – Hon. Mention and special merit, “Created in isolation” art competition

2020 – Hon. Mention, “Primary colors” art competition

2020 - Special recognition and special merit, “10th Anniversary” Art Exhibition

2020 - Hihgly commended artist, Stage 2 of the Visual Art Open UK


2022 – INTERVIEW with Alice Maigron from “The Art Cycle” gallery

2022 – PUBLICATION in Marvelous Artists Boom No 3, available on Amazon


2021 – COVER, PUBLICATION & INTERVIEW in Marvelous Art Magazine, September 2021 Issue No : 16

2020 – INTERVIEW for Linked INNYC-Women Of The World with South Art Dealer gallery, Carly Aguilera

2020 – PUBLICATION in Bluebee magazine in volume 4 - Daffodil


2023 – Oil painting "Monette" (Paris, France) - private client 

2023 – Mural (Paris, France) - Necker Hospital

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